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World class manufacturing facility to Cast Nickel alloy castings (Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, CZ1OO etc) and Copper alloy castings (Aluminium Bronze & Nickel Silver).

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Deffree Engineering

What We Do

Deffree casts and machine Nickel alloy Castings & Copper alloy Castings.

Deffree Engineering

Our Vision

Sustain to be a world class Ni-base & Cu-base alloy casting manufacturer.

Deffree Engineering

Our Mission

To create value to our Customers, Employees & Shareholders with pride.


  • Weight : 3kg to 1650kg Single Piece

Process / Technology

The continual improvement of process and technology is designed on regular intervel to meet the standard and customer requirements

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  • 1. Design & Simulation
  • 2. Pattern Development
  • 3. Moulding
  • 4. Melting
  • 5. Pouring
  • 6. Finishing
  • 7. Heat Treatment
  • 8. NDT
  • 9. Testing
  • 10. Machining
  • 11. Hydro Static Test

Why Deffree?

Deffree specializing in nickel base and copper base alloy castings and gained knowledge & experience meeting the critical service requirements.


  • Good surface finish
  • Good internal soundness of castings
  • Excellent service performance
  • Right metallurgy
  • Meeting customer standards
  • Very low level of oxides, inclusions, impurities & gaseous contents
Why Deffree
  • Meeting casting design requirements
  • OTD meeting 95% (+)
  • Machined castings
  • 0% Rejection from end-user point
  • Timely Support to Customer Calls for delivery with shorter lead time notification
  • Single Piece / Small Batch Quantity / Low Weight Casting

Our Valued Customers

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